Friday, 30 September 2016

Women of the X-Men Marvel Costumes for Halloween and Conventions

Black Storm Costume with Cape
Sexy Storm Veil Costume
We've had a lot of superhero costumes on this blog since it began in 2013, but somehow I have never gotten around to doing a post about the women of the Uncanny X-Men. Well, now it is time to fix that!

Let's start off with one of everyone's favourites, the turbulent and powerful Storm. Above is a replica of her costume from the X-Men movies, a badass looking black jumpsuit with a flowing cape to match. If you like this costume, you can get the wig you see in the picture here, or if you want a more pure white one with black undertones to get the comic look, check out this wig here.

Mystique XMen Jumpsuit Costume
If you are looking for something a little different with a lot of sex appeal, then you might like the revealing catsuit costume on the left. Each set of this cute costume comes with the catsuit, cape, and headpiece. This black and grey ombre wig would look lovely with it too.

Another fan-favourite and frequent X-Men villain is the shape-shifting Mystique. Technically, given she can imitate any human, you're ordinary look would do as a Mystique costume, but I suppose you'd be more recognisable in her 'true form'. A cool blue jumpsuit based on her true look can be found on the left. The matching wig for the costume is available here. Don't forget to pick up some blue face and body paint! If you want to go out with the makeup, be sure to check out the cool Mystique makeup video tutorial below to learn how. It's very easy to follow and is a great way to really stand out from the crowd.

Dark Phoenix Costume
Next up, lets look to a very long-time member of the X-Men, the powerful psychic Jean Grey. Jean's had a lot of looks over the years, and quite a few of them are available for you to use in costume form. 

Jean Grey Marvel Cinematic
Universe Costume
If you are a fan of somewhat less heroic Dark Phoenex era of Jean Grey's comic book run, you can find a great replica of her red jumpsuit costume from that storyline on the right. Why not combine it with some fun golden heeled boots?

If you prefer the green version of that outfit, you can find that here. If you weren't blessed with long red hair at birth, then you can finish the outfit off with this lovely long red wig.

If you like her velveteen red suit and overcoat from the movies, that is also available in cosplay form. Check out the beautiful replica on the left, for example, which comes with everything you see in the image. If you don't have hair like Jean's, this is a great wig for finishing off the look.

Ms. Rogue Spandex Costume
Psylocke Cosplay Costume
For those of you who want to keep a good distance between yourself and others, lest you drain away their lives and energy, you're in need of an awesome costume based on the comic book stylings of Rogue. Above is one such bright and colorful spandex jumpsuit with Rogue's signature green and yellow design. You can get a great two tone wig for this costume here.

Last, but not least, one of my favourite super-heroine costumes is that of the deadly Psylocke, an unusual leather-look purple number which has been replicated with the costume on the right. It's pretty cool! Each set of this costume comes with the jumpsuit and vest, the leg covers, gloves, and matching waistbelt. If you do end up going for this costume, you just have to have purple hair to go with it. Find a great purple hair wig here.

So there you have it! Eight fantastic costumes for dressing up as the women of the Xmen comic books and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I hope you found a costume that is just perfect for you and have a tone of fun dressing up at your Halloween party or convention. If you are still looking for costume ideas, be sure to check out the rest of my blog, where you will find hundred of costume themes to give you all the inspiration you could want. Have fun!

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