Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Dress Up as Marvel's Deadpool

Rubie's Deadpool Costume for Women
(Available in the UK and EU Here)
Deadpool Mask
They made a Deadpool costume for women! This was a surprise to me, as normally the ladies have to wait years to get a fitting version of superhero costumes, if it ever comes out at all. It looks pretty awesome too! Each set of the above costume comes with the bodysuit and detachable mask. This costume would work really well paired with these dragon ninja katana swords and these Deadpool boot covers. Don't bother bringing guns, you'll just end up leaving them in the car.

If you want a mask which hides your eyes, I would pick up the mask on the right separately. If you want a less shiny bodysuit, then I recommend you check out this unisex version, which has the advantage of a slightly more accurate mask. 

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