Thursday, 19 November 2015

How to DIY Dress as Misty from Pokemon

Misty Cosplay Wig
FPT Womens Basic Crop Tank Top
Decent Misty costumes are actually quite hard to come by, as I learned when I was trying to make a costume for my very first anime convention back in my teens. I wouldn't ever order something pre-made, as they tend to be cheap knock-offs by companies that mysteriously disappear two week later, and I've never seen any with good reviews. Luckily, this is a super easy costume to make from ordinary clothing, many of which you may have lying about the house. This is how to do it!

Red Solid Suspenders
First up, Misty rocks a cool yellow tank top with a cropped bottom, pretty much exactly like the one on the right. It's fine to substitute this with a yellow t-shirt if it's cold out, the look is still very recognizable. Just combine your choice with a set of red suspenders like the one on the left.

I'll be really surprised if any of you didn't already have a set of high waisted denim shorts at home, so if you do that's half of the costume sitting about in your closet already! If not though, this is a great set to use. Attach the suspenders to the shorts and voila, that is the basic costume completed.

Finally, just finish off the look with your basic accessories. If you already have red hair, just give yourself a messy side ponytail, while everyone else would benefit from the awesome wig at the top of the page. Misty also wears Vans-style red and white shoes, and I've featured a very similar pair below. Why not finish off the look with a replica pokeball

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi (Canvas) Skate Shoe
So there you have it! That is my guide to making your very own cosplay of Misty from the Pokemon series. I hope you found everything that you need and become the very best. Perhaps even the best there ever was. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costume and cosplay ideas on the net!

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