Thursday, 19 November 2015

DIY Velma Dinkley Costume for Women and Girls (Scooby Doo)

Rubie's Costume Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. Velma
Big Girls' Velma Costume 

Ready to head off into the dark and solve some mysteries? Who better to go as but the intelligent and savvy, but hopelessly short sighted Velma from Scooby Doo? Pretty much every generation has grown up with one version of the show or another, and the basic look of the characters has always been the same, so it makes for an instantly recognizable and nostalgic costume. While you can get some great premade costumes out there, such as the two above, this is a very easy costume to make out of normal clothing. You'll probably have some of the things you need already, so just fill in the blanks!

Purl Women's Oversized Baggy Chunky Knitted Jumper Pullover
MBJ Womens Basic Versatile
Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt

(available in kids sizes here)
Bright orange fashion was all the rage a few years back, and you might still have an old orange sweater hanging in your closet. If so, fantastic, because that'll be the centerpiece of your costume. If not, you can pick a perfect Velma style jumper above. You can get an orange jumper for kids here.

Next up, you will need a red pleated skirt or a skater-style skirt in red, to go with the jumper. A bit of an odd combo, but I guess Velma isn't the fashionista of the group, and hey, she pulls it off. If you don't already have one lying around, the one on the right is a good shout. 

OG Vintage Buddy NERD Wayfarer
Blues Brothers Clear Sunglasses
That is the basics of the costume. With those in place, you'll need to highlight the look with some great accessories. Velma wears knee high orange socks, so be sure to pick those up here. You can replace them with orange tights or longer socks if you anticipate being a little chilly. As for shoes, red or black flat Mary Jane style shoes are perfect, and you can find some wonderful red ones that fit the costume right here. And don't forget the glasses! You won't be able to see without your glasses! 

Simplicity Hair Bob Light Brown
Straight Short Cosplay Wigs
If you fancy going all out, you can do up your make up in such a way as to totally enhance the costume. The tutorial above is a great way to start, plus it has guides to other Scooby Doo characters too. I also like this video tutorial on how to make fake make-up freckles, which would work well with Velma's look.

Finally, if you don't already have a short brown bob, have no fear! You can just tie your hair up and add a wig to replicate the hair style without having to take a pair of scissors to your head. The one on the right works well, and brown bob wigs are available at pretty much any party store. 

So there you have it! That is my guide to making your own easy Velma Dinkley costume for all you Scooby Doo fans out there. I hope you found everything you need and have a great time dressing up. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costume ideas for women and girls on the net!

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