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Create the Perfect Princess Peach Costume

'Video Game Princess' Costume
Sexy Video Game Costumes for Women
When you ask who is the most iconic princesses in popular gaming culture, you are going to get two answers: Princess Zelda, and Princess Peach. For fans of the the Super Mario game series, Princess Peach is a fantastic costume ideas for conventions and costume parties. This post is going to be looking at my favorite Princess Peach costumes and how to pull them off with style. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, click this link for perfect costumes for you. If not, read on.
Pink Princess Costume

First up you'll need Peach's iconic pink dress. The one above is a short and sexy one that is one of the most popular ones on the net, and comes with a matching princess crown, but you can also get a similar one with a slightly longer skirt for a bit more modesty, featured on the right. That one comes with a pretty crown and the matching cute white gloves.

Women's Mario Brothers
Princess Peach Costume
If short and sweet isn't your style or you just want to stay close to the source material, you might want to try out a full length Princess Peach ball gown instead, in which case, check out the costume on the left which comes with the crown. Whichever costume you pick, consider picking up some white tights or stockings to add to the look, plus it'll keep your legs warm if you are partying in the winter months.

To give these costume dresses a bit of lift and shape (as often they are quite flat), consider buying a hooped petticoat, or if you don't like those a fuller non-hooped petticoat. Those are the petticoats for the longer dresses, if you are going for a medium length dress like the one on the right, check out this petticoat, and for the really short costume above try a white tutu instead.

Video Princess Wig (Standard)
Next up, you'll want to style your hair to look like the princess'. If you don't naturally have long blond hair, there are a number of wigs you can pick up to replicate the look. My favorite is the one above, which is styled to look like the hair from the game and does a fantastic job of it. This cute curly wig also works well if you want a lighter blond.

Pink Battenburg Lace Parasol/white
Fabric/color Embroidery
Finally, finish off the costume with some cute accessories. Most famous of all is her parasol, and the lace parasol on the left would make a great addition to any Peach cosplay. Inflatable mallets are also a fun choice, or maybe some cute mushroom plushies or an invincibility star

So that's my guide to the perfect Princess Peach cosplay. I hope you have a lot of fun dressing up and found everything you need. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more beautiful costumes for women. 

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